Learning builds a sense of accomplishment. With each new accomplishment a student’s self-confidence grows, and confidence is the first step in the empowerment of a person’s physical and mental abilities.

Respect, Courtesy, Honesty

Once we begin to develop a student’s self-confidence, we are then able to instill the values of respect, courtesy, honesty, perseverance, and integrity that are the foundation of martial arts dating back thousands of years.


Furthermore, your child will develop perseverance, which is a non-quitting attitude to overcome life’s obstacles. Instilling a non-quitting attitude helps a child overcome challenges, to succeed in the face of adversity, and to be a goal setter, and a goal getter.

Respect, Courtesy, Honesty

These combined physical and character foundations that Premier Martial Arts develop helps children excel in their academic school studies, sports, and their social endeavors. It ensures that they will have the confidence in themselves and the character to make the right decisions when confronted with negative peer pressure. They will be leaders not followers.