Children's Programs

Little Champions - Ages 4 to 7

Our Little Champions are a great way for children ages four to seven to get introduced to the martial arts. Focus, concentration, listening, respect and courtesy are stressed in order to develop a child's basic learning skills. The exercise and physical fundamentals are challenging and a great way for kids to gain flexibility, balance and strength. We understand the importance of fun and variety to maintain high interest and participation.

Basic Training Program - Ages 8 to 12

This is a program that teaches the students the basic martial arts and self defense techniques including blocks, punches, kicks, and stances. It is a program that allows us to teach the student how to be martial artists, developing them to be a black belt from the inside out.

Child Black Belt Training

Black Belt Training

This is a thirty-six month program that teaches our students not only the basics of martial arts, but all of the techniques that are necessary to one day become a black belt. This curriculum teaches them all of the striking techniques, patterns, self defense techniques, basic weapons training (like the single stick, staff and nunchakus), sparring games and drills, re-breakable boards that are needed to become a black belt.

Child Masters Training

Premier "Masters Training"

An advanced curriculum that allows a student to begin learning the material needed for their advancement to first degree black belt. Curriculum includes: advanced weapons training of the samurai sword, kamas, competition weapons, and duel weapons training, advanced board breaking, competition level forms and sparring, advanced self defense of stick, knife, and hand gun, and advanced fighting and grappling training.

Child Leadership Training

Leadership Training Program

Instructor training course that teaches the student the martial arts curriculum and teaching system to make them official assistant instructors of Premier Martial Arts™. The student would also learn advanced competition martial arts curriculum that would make them eligible for the Premier Martial Arts™ demo team.