Welcome to Lubbock Premier Martial Arts

Training Lubbock Since 1986

Since 1986, Premier Martial Arts - Lubbock has been providing instruction in the martial arts in the Lubbock, TX area.

On a Quest to be Our Best

What's the difference between Premier Martial Arts and the other schools in the area? Well that's easy.... our specialized curriculum and expert instruction.

Award Winning Cirriculum

Premier Martial Arts is the only school in the Lubbock area with:

  • Special Curriculum for Ages 4 to 7
  • National Award-Winning Curriculum for Ages 8 to 12
  • Mature Curriculum for Adults

Our cirriculum includes realistic self-protection, mixed martial arts, and a exciting fitness program to get you in great shape! We are the only school that offers a complete weapons curriculum plus a leadership program for those with long term goals.

Making a Better Community One Black Belt at a Time

We will also help you achieve self discipline, high self esteem, a positive out look, an attitude of constant improvement, and an attitude that refuses to give up. These values and life skills will lead to remarkable improvements in academics, careers, and relationships, literally making a better community one black belt at a time.

Modern Self Protection

Premier Martial Arts incorporates a combination of techniques found in four effective disciplines to provide students with a realistic personal protection system for a modern world.

  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Submission Grappling
  • Kali

Personal Protection, Personal Development, and Peace of Mind

The vision on Premier Martial Arts is to build a community by helping people get in shape and be safe while instilling the life skills and character of a true martial artist. Upholding important values like courtesy, patience, respect, self control and integrity.

Excitement and Interest

Most any exercise gets some results when done, most any self defense is better than none. The problem is that most fitness programs fail to offer the excitement and interest to keep the participant consistent in their training, therefore setting them up for failure in their results.

Fitness is a Goal

No matter if you are four or sixty-four, Strength, Conditioning, and Flexibility are all benefits that a student can expect to receive with Premier Martial Arts Training. Every muscle group is strengthened and defined with the exercises, movements, techniques, and training drills that are incorporated into our curriculum. Your endurance and stamina will peak as we increase your cardiovascular conditioning. All these physical benefits on your body will be felt in your daily life and activities, increasing your energy and confidence.

Professional Instructors

Our Certified Instructors undergo countless hours of intensive training, not just in the martial arts, but in the teaching methods and skills necessary to bring out the very best in you.

Focus + Discipline = Success

The success in the results of the Premier Martial Arts physical program is supported by personal development. The student learns concepts and receives coaching that keeps them on track like focus, goal setting, self discipline, and confidence, which are inherited in our martial arts training. It is like having your own personal trainer and success coach all in one. The best thing of all is you will receive incredible physical benefits and personal development traits, while receiving the empowerment that comes through the self defense training that will be invaluable as you learn the skills needed to protect yourself and your family.